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Type A Verses Type B
By: Donna Worthy




Type A or Type B, which one are you? I have heard the term a million times but in all honesty not once have I ever really taken the time nor did I care to find out what exactly that meant. After all, I really like to express myself so calling myself A or B just wasn’t working for me.

So here is goes. I am going to list a few things that make up the two types. Maybe after reading this you will know what “type” you are!

Type A:


Apparently they tend to have big issues with “time” and “urgency”. I don’t know anyone who really likes to wait in a long line or prefers a long day at work over one that flows by quickly. However, these type A people are really obsessed with it. They feel the need to make every second of every minute count towards something.

They also tend to have a very short fuse over simple things. They are not very patient and understanding people and they can even be rude and interruptive at times. (I think my teen is definitely a type a)

Physical characteristics are sometimes obvious as well. They tend to have clenched jaws, dark circles under the eyes and sweating is evident above the lip or on the forehead.


Not surprisingly Type A’s tend to have a few health problems. Hypertension, Heart Disease, Job Stress and Anxiety…just to name a few.

I’m not sure but it sure does sound like a miserable life to me!

Type B :

Whew, that Type A stuff stressed me out just writing about it!

Most people that we encounter on a daily basis are Type B personalities. Or at least I hope so for your sake!


They are most times fairly calm and collected. Meaning they don’t throw soda or scream mean things to a car that me be going the speed limit instead of above it.

They are usually very patient and understanding people. If a person with at type b personality thinks that something better may come along the next day or week, he or she is very willing to wait.

They usually live long lives and tend to spend more time on quality instead of quantity.


So, what happens when Mr.B meets Mrs. A. They say opposites attract and according to recent surveys this rings to be true!

If you are living with or are close to a Type A there is still yet hope. They do tend to get very upset and angry when approached abruptly BUT they can also be very rational if you approach them in a calm, non threatening manor. Honey catches more bee’s than lemons is basically what I am getting at. Type A’s may seem to be rough and tough on the outside but they really do like to be “loved”,

As of right now there is no scientific proof that any specific incident in life causes one to become Type A or Type B. It is said that we are all born with whatever “Type” we are going to be. I’m not sure that I believe that to be true. Maybe I’m a type “C”. Just one of a kind!

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Type A Verses Type B
By: Donna Worthy
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