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OQO - Anywhere, Anytime Computing
By: Craig Shipp

June 1, 2007

Today I received my OQO Model 02 computer (see photo links below and play video). First, I would like to thank the folks at OQO for the speedy delivery of this popular new OQO model. Order backlogs are now about a month and hopefully OQO will be able to further increase production to catch up and shorten order lead times.

This is not the first OQO pocket-sized computer. The ground-breaking OQO Model 01 was launched in volume October 14, 2004 but in my opinion the Model 02 is now a tool worthy of our hard-earned dollars. This new model is greatly improved in many ways not the least of which is the built-in EVDO modem. This in conjunction with a much brighter screen and better keyboard makes this pocket-sized productivity tool a real winner. Now, for the first time, we can pull a computer out of our pocket and surf the web at high speeds just about anywhere.


Now, before you send me all the e-mails saying the OQO is too small consider this: You can have the best laptop computer with built-in EVDO, a great screen, a full-sized keyboard and great battery life but if it’s in the TRUNK of your car it’s not going to make you any money! Yes, the OQO is small and so are modern digital cameras. Just like the tiny cameras that can take great photos the OQO can perform many important tasks that would be impossible if it wasn’t handy. Remember, all those great photos you missed because your old SLR was in the trunk of the car or at home? It’s the same situation with the OQO: A computer in hand is better than no computer at all especially if it has a high cool factor that comes along for the ride!

Below is an excerpt from the OQO website regarding the use of the OQO by sales professionals:

"Sales professionals are frequently on the road briefing prospects, winning deals, and solving technical problems at the customer site. To most effectively impact revenue, sales professionals must have the ability to access, update, and transmit customer information in real-time. And because sales professionals do not have the luxury of a traditional, four-walled office, they need to set up a virtual office anytime, anywhere they are on the road.

The model 02 empowers sales professionals with the customer insight they need to meet more prospects, respond immediately to customers, improve customer satisfaction, and increase collaboration with corporate headquarters. As a full-powered, full-featured computer, the model 02 enables complete, uncompromised access to CRM/ERP systems, email, Microsoft Office, and the other applications upon which sales professionals rely. This means sales professionals can fully modify the information and documents they access. Furthermore, through the model 02's built-in EV-DO or WiFi, the updated information can be transmitted in real-time.

With the model 02, traveling with a computer has never been easier. Because of its pocket-size form factor, the model 02 does not need to be taken out at airport security checkpoints. At a customer site, sales professionals simply use a VGA or HDMI adapter to connect the model 02 to a projector for presentations. Back in the hotel room, it can be used with the portable OQO docking station and/or foldable Bluetooth keyboard for rapid data entry."

June 6, 2007 update: Today I received the docking station for the OQO along with some other accessories (extended battery, belt holster, etc.). The docking station works great and will make it easy to grab the OQO and go. So far the OQO will run all my programs including video editing software without any issues.

Note: Some Windows users may need to click twice on the play arrow above to start the video(s).

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OQO - Anywhere, Anytime Computing
By: Craig Shipp
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