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Myersville Trolley Festival - Videos + Photos
By: Craig Shipp

Click Here for photos and videos from the 2010 festival!

October 21, 2007 was a warm day in Myersville and a perfect setting for the annual Myersville Trolley Festival. This family event is made possible by the hard work of many volunteers and the vision of Don Easterday (photo right).

Special Note: Be sure to watch the video clips below (flash player required).

Here's a little history from the Myersville Lions Club website:

Construction of the Frederick and Middletown Railroad began in 1894 and was completed in 1896. The first trolley ventured over Braddock Mountain in October 1896. Appreciating what this marvelous new electric trolley system meant to Middletown, several farmers near Myersville, a mere six miles to the north, organized an effort to extend the rail line to their town.

The vision of these farmers became a reality, and on October 8, 1898 the first trolley entered the quiet, sleepy village of Myersville. Once the trolley had extended to Myersville, Hagerstown businessmen realized its value and initiated efforts to extend the line to their town. Railway owners (later to be known as  Potomac Edison, suppliers of electricity that expanded outward from the trolley routes) soon began construction, and the line to Hagerstown was  completed six years later in 1904.

Enter Trolley Car 150: In 1923, Potomac Edison purchased and modified four cars (150-153) as World War I surplus items. The cars were placed into service over the eighty-seven and a half miles of rail lines.

More than half a century later, car number 150 has been renovated by Mr. Donald Easterday, and is yearly displayed at the Myersville Trolley Festival grounds. Car number 150 was built in 1918 by the Southern Railway company in South Carolina. The historic car originally served Camp Jackson during World War I. Number 150 transported  troops to the base after their return from Europe.

At twenty-three tons, the forty-four foot long trolley carried forty-four passengers. Powered by four Westinghouse 50 horse powered, 660 volt DC electric motors, its top speed was about twenty miles per hour on level ground, less uphill, and much greater downhill!

On its many trips from Hagerstown, Car 150 traveled over South Mountain, and down the hills through today's festival grounds, where it now rests. Car 150 climbed and descended 3,000 feet on each of its journeys between Frederick and Hagerstown, traveling each time through Middletown and over Braddock Mountain, some eight miles east of Myersville.

Myersville Lions Club and its citizens hope that you will help keep the rich history of the Hagerstown and Frederick Railway, and Car Number 150 alive! So join us to celebrate Myersville's 14th Annual Trolley Festival.

Click Here for a photo slide show (flash required) or
Click Here for the same photos in a set (to download)
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Myersville Trolley Festival - Videos + Photos
By: Craig Shipp
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