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Baker's Fire Safety Training
By: Bob Myers

Training Programs and Emergency Preparedness

Help Employees Protect Themselves with Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training

Yes, Baker's Fire Protection and Safety Equipment Company can provide you with the best of fire safety equipment.  But, it is just as important that your people know how to use it.  Baker's provides on-site fire safety education.

Fire Safety Programs are a smart way to reduce or even avoid injuries and fatalities in the workplace.  Studies show a $4.00 to $6.00 return for every dollar invested in training, with improvements in morale.  Our participants learn by classroom and hands-on fire extinguisher training at your location.  In response to tragic events and uncertain times, companies are increasing their efforts to protect their workers.

Baker's Fire Protection & Safety Equipment Co., Inc, leads the way in providing Fire & Safety Education training, complying with OSHA No. 1910.157(g) and insurance requirements.  Extinguishers are your first line of defense to cope with fires.  People with fire safety training react faster and with better decision making than those without training.

For additional information, available program dates and pricing, please call Baker's Fire & Safety Equipment office at 301-662-4606, or Click Here.  Through your participation in our Fire & Safety Education Program, we help you create a safer workplace.  Your strong commitment to fire safety can help save lives.

Regulatory Compliance

It's important that your building (and of course your people) comply with the latest revisions of the various Fire Safety Codes.  The National Fire Protection Association has over 175 technical committees that make recommendations that are often enacted into law at the Federal, State, County and local level.


Keeping track of these changes is a full-time job.  It's our job to make sure that you have made your "due diligence" to ensure every possible effort has been made for the fire safety of your employees and visitors.  Our thorough inspections give you peace of mind.  We have information online in several locations.


For Information on our Fire and Safety Training Click Here

For Information on our Fire Protection Equipment and Inspections Click Here

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Baker's Fire Safety Training
By: Bob Myers
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